Book #31-Animal Farm by George Orwell

This was my third reading of Animal Farm and I must say it does get better with time.  Though no fan of sci fi nor dystopia, this was another great Orwell view of the world he lived in.

So we have a drunken farmer who is quickly usurped by his animals who run him off in their rebellion.  All is peachy keen as the animals gather to set down a foundation for their newly formed society, but as they greet each other as comrades and the pigs (more aptly swine) utter that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others“, it is clear that the agreed upon rules of Animalism are certainly not equitable, but are in fact equivocal.

Napoleon, a self serving boar becomes the leader of the animals after he mysteriously eliminates his rival, Snowball.  He most certainly represents Stalin, whose actions in Spain directly impacted Orwell who fought to support the Spanish government.

Representing Trotsky was Snowball who empathized with all of the animals and who believed that they could all work together and share the rewards.  Unfortunately, he like Trotsky, was exiled and eventually eliminated.

My personal favorite is Benjamin,  a cynical donkey (some, but not I, might say an ass) who accepts the animal rebellion with no enthusiasm and without any expectation of change.  He is a very intelligent animal and sees how the animals are being intimidated by Napoleon, but remains apathetic until he discovers disastrous plans for Boxer, his horse friend, however, his actions are too late to save the fate of his friend.

I would just love to see what Mr. Orwell could come up with for our current times and I’m sure it would be a dandy.  Chatting with him over a little lunch would be so very interesting and I’d try to prod him a bit for his amazing writing skills.

My rating for Animal Farm is an 8 out of 10.

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Next up, (egads, not again!) Henry James’ The Golden Bowl.






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6 responses to “Book #31-Animal Farm by George Orwell

  1. amandajenner

    Brilliant, I have just read Animal Farm too as part of this stupid book list challenge I entered into with some friends. I’m blogging about this challenge at Benjamin the donkey is my favourite too. I’ve just posted a blog on this very book.
    Good luck with your challenge.

    • vsudia

      Enjoyed your review of Animal Farm, especially the bit about the cat’s wishy washy allegiances. Best of luck with the BBC Challenge. Hopefully you’ll have some nice surprises.

  2. I read Animal Farm as part of my reading challenge as well. I too would like to know what Mr. Orwell would write about current times.

    • vsudia

      I’m sure Orwell would have much to write about today. Checked out your list and it looks quite interesting. Good luck!!!

  3. Animal Farm is so thought-provoking. One of my favorite books.

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