Sunshine Blog Award

I have been honored with the Sunshine Blog Award from A. J. Jenner who is a very worthy recipient of this recognition.

The Sunshine Blog award is given by bloggers to likeminded bloggers  who have brightened up their day.  Aww, I feel good all over again.

If I’ve got the gist, I need to answer questions about myself and nominate other bloggers.  By jove, I think I’ve got it…

1.  Favorite color-Black.  It’s beautiful,  elegant and can be paired with any other color.

2.  Favorite animal-Human.  Can’t live with them…can’t live without them.

3.  Favorite number-6.  Not sure why as its certainly never brought me any luck.

4.  Favorite non-alcoholic drink-Water.  Or as nana used to say, ‘Adam’s Ale’.

5.  Prefer Facebook or Twitter-Facebook.  It requires less knee jerk reactions.

6.  My passion-Reading & Writing.

7.  Prefer giving or getting gifts-Both.  Love to find that perfect gift, but equally thrilled at the receiving end.

8.  Favorite pattern-Brick.  I don’t think this is what was meant, but lately I’ve been captured with bricks and have photographed many.  My favorite being old red and crumbling brick.

9.  Favorite day of the week-All of them.  Corny, I know, but each day seems to hold its own magic; Mondays are a great starting off point, Fridays begin transitions and Sundays are for whatever they need to be.

10.  Favorite flower-Sunflower.  Both a natural and unnatural beauty.  I once grew some over 12′!

Following are bloggers I will be awarding the Sunshine Blog Award to and suggest you check out:

A Literary Odyssey

Amanda Jenner

Dead White Guys

Eclectic Indulgence

Every Book and Cranny 

Readin’ the Classics

Vapour Trails

100 Books 100 Journeys



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5 responses to “Sunshine Blog Award

  1. Congratulations and thank you! I’ve been wondering what’s next after the top 100… Hoping you keep going – I’m sure your mom is watching and is proud of your accomplishment.

  2. Congratulations on nearing the end of your tremendous project!
    And thanks for passing along the award.
    Here’s my list from my “Reading through the Centuries” project. You’ve read a lot of these books – but it’s a long list. 🙂

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