Lessons from the recliner…on reading100 books in 100 weeks

Okay so I took a little reprieve after 100 weeks.  Of course I didn’t actually stop reading.  I’ve been enjoying a James M. Cainappalooza of sorts; read Double Indemnity, 5 short stores and am now reading Mildred Pierce, but without taking notes or looking up words or verifying possible historical facts.  So what gives?  I can now say that the structured, mindful approach to reading is more rewarding in the end, but getting there is sometimes a little tough on the old cranium so I’m enjoying my little mindless reading…for now.  You see, I do have a plan, but first some lessons from the old recliner…

1.  Should have studied French, not Spanish.  Guess that’s why all those literary types went to Paris.

2.  My vocabulary is not quite as good as I thought it was.  There are many words I recognized, but could not quite define so I did quite a bit of dictionary digging.  Here are some of my newly acquired faves…inchoate, pulque, simulacrum, vouchsafe.  If you already know these, good for you, if not, go look them up.

3.  Upstairs/Downstairs, The Haves/The Have-nots; class wars have been around forever and will probably carry forth ad infinitum…and make for great literary conflicts.

4.  The human condition, when well captured in written form, always makes for an interesting tale; those who rise up to their situation and those who lie down with resignation.

5.  I love, love, love to read.  It is the one thing I could never live without.

Okay then, I must also confess that I’ve gotten a tad lazy on the reading front as it’s been four weeks since my last post and I have not read four books in that time so I’m asking for a big old blogosphere kick in the rump.

I’ve posted a new list of 74; https://vsudia.wordpress.com/the-second-list-not-yet-complete/ and now ask for suggestions to make a new list of 100.  So please share so I can get off my…what’s akin to writer’s block…reader’s obstruction???

I’ll attempt to read a book per week, but am not going to be too strict and if I really despise a book (James Joyce, anyone?), I’ll trash it (literally, no, not really).

Sorry for the rant, but it has been a while since I’ve been out here and please send me your suggestions.


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One response to “Lessons from the recliner…on reading100 books in 100 weeks

  1. I feel the exact same way, oh how I wish I had studied French! Having said that I took 4 years of Spanish and at the time I was really passionate about it. Who knows maybe I’ll learn some French yet.

    The books that convey the human condition are the ones that are closest to my heart as well.

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