Reader Appreciation Award

Thanks so much to Amanda Jenner for awarding me with the Reader Appreciation Award.  Her story is quite interesting and she recently won a BBC contest and her screenplay is being adapted to a short movie; how great is that.  Amanda…if you’re reading this, DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS!!!

I am thankful for the ability to read, to have access to great literature and to be part of a supportive atmosphere that encourages readers and writers to carry on.

I think I was supposed to explain why I’ve been “out of circulation” and it’s as a result of completing the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels in 100 weeks.  I think I’m over my laziness now and should be back in the groove once I complete my new list of 100.

Here are just a few fellow bloggers that I do truly appreciate:

A Literary Odyssey

Amanda Jenner

Dead White Guys

Eclectic Indulgence

Every Book and Cranny 

Great White North

Readin’ the Classics

Vapour Trails

100 Books 100 Journeys



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3 responses to “Reader Appreciation Award

  1. Thank you very much! This was an awesome surprise to find this morning. I look forward to your second reading list.

  2. Thanks again! My blogging practices has lagged with the summer heat, but I appreciate your continued support. Happy summer reading!

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    Interesting post!

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