To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To Kill A MockingbirdWhile I’ve read this at least twice before, I still felt excited and hopeful for a different outcome.  As I’ve mentioned with other books, it is sometimes difficult to ignore the faces of actors portrayed in film adaptions while reading.  In this case, the soft and comforting voice of Gregory Peck only made the reading all the more enjoyable.

An altruistic lawyer living with his young son and daughter faces a losing battle when he represents a black man accused of raping a local white woman in 1935 Alabama.  The saddest truth is that he expects to lose.

Jean Louise Finch, most commonly referred to as Scout is a curious young girl raised primarily by her widowed father and cook.  She is certainly no little princess, preferring her overalls to a dress and not afraid of a fight with either a boy or a girl.  As she must confront the realities of the south, she begins to question the behaviors of her neighbors and those adults she now sees from a new perspective.  Her spirit remains steadfast as she seeks guidance and answers from her gracious and very wise father.

Scout’s older brother, Jem, is quite considerate of his sister and they spend quite a lot of time together.  As he is older, he becomes aware earlier on of the disparities that exist around him and is quite angered by it.  More patient than his sister, he accepts the lessons presented by his father and understands their deeper meanings.  Not a bad brother to have.

Atticus Finch is a true gentleman and courteous to all.  He tries to see the good in all even when it seems not to exist.  A patient and reserved man and a wonderful father to his children, Atticus is the type of man we should all hope to be just a fraction of.  And who wouldn’t adore a man who loves to read?

My rating for To Kill A Mockingbird is a 9 out of 10.

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