The Human Factor by Graham Greene

The Human FactorA member of the British Secret Service lives in the suburbs with his South African wife and her son.  They fell in love while working there and he ensured her escape from the apartheid country.  A leak in the British office tied to the African division threatens to disrupt the currently tranquil workplace and an abrupt decision by the higher-ups results in the death of an innocent man.

Maurice Castle seems to live a simple life and daydreams of retirement.  His daydreams are a far cry from his real world where he rues the sudden death of his coworker, worries about his family’s safety and is involved in helping those who have helped him in the past.

Castle’s wife, Sarah, indulges her husband and seems to have no needs of her own.  She adores her husband and child and seems to worry about intruders.  Her past work as an agent and her planned escape from South Africa surely gives her the right to her worries.  I wish more was revealed about her.

The evil Dr. Emmanuel Percival is quick to judgment and surprisingly without remorse when it becomes evident he’s made a fatal mistake.  Arrogant and condescending, he shows more concern for dining and fishing than he does for his fellow-man.

Conversing with Mr. Greene would certainly not be dull.  Perhaps we’d discuss his world travels and time with MI6.  I’d love to ask how he was able to produce so much work while living a very active life.  Maybe we could take a little trip together…

My rating for The Human Factor is an 8 out of 10.

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