Resolution time…and the latest challenge

I can’t believe it’s been over 9 months since I’ve posted anything here.  Time certainly has marched on.  While I intended to take a brief hiatus and get back to the next challenge, I took a detour of sorts and somehow took many a musical journey enjoying the sounds of many, from Gary Clark, Jr., Nicole Atkins, Hozier, Courtney Barnett, etc. and discovering and falling in love with the sound of The Growlers.

So it’s 2016, time to make resolutions and I’ve decided to take a fellow blogger’s suggestion to take on 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die…  And that, as they say, my friends, is quite a challenge and I am unsure as to how strict and unwavering I should approach this latest test.

While I gather my wits about me, I intend to begin with DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little (selected most indiscriminately and at the ready from my Christmas pile).  My hope is to begin this read January 11, 2016.  Be on the look out for my review soon thereafter.

Any nuggets of wisdom from my fellow bloggers are welcome.

Already feeling good about returning to the blogosphere…



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  1. That will definitely keep you busy reading for years.

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