Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre

Vernon God LittleI am certainly not off to a very good start with my latest endeavor of taking on the “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die”.  While I could provide a litany of excuses, I won’t.  Instead, I will get back to the blogging groove.

I chose this as my first read when I opened my “1001 Books You Must Read Beofre You Die ” tome and stumbled upon this image… dbc pierre

A satirical tale of teen angst in the guise of a school shooting chronicle, Vernon God Little was published in 2003  and written by DBC (Dirty But Clean) Pierre.

Presented in the following five acts:

  • Act I    – Shit happened
  • Act II   – How I spent my summer vacation
  • Act III – Against all odds
  • Act IV – How my summer vacation spent me
  • Act V   – Me ves y sufres (see me and suffer)

Vernon Little, a Texas teen, becomes his small town’s scapegoat following a school shooting at the hands of his only friend who takes himself out leaving the citizens of Martirio without a target for their fury.  The absurd events that unfold pull Vernon deeper and deeper into a vortex of seemingly irreparable predicaments.

As the town pariah and with little support from a well intentioned, albeit gullible mother, Vernon must take matter into his own hands or be swallowed whole by a system gone mad.

At 15, and growing up without a father in rural Texas, Vernon Little has an extra chip on his scrawny shoulders.  His view of adults and those in authority is a mixed bag of resentment and obeisance.

Vernon’s mother Doris is a trusting soul who is easily manipulated by both old friends as well as strangers to town.  She never seems to get it, yet her ignorance serves as a protectant from the hurt she could suffer were she more aware of the not so well intended machinations around her.

Eulalio “Lally” Ledesma is a flimflammer who cons his way into the Little household during the town’s invasion by the media.  He plays Doris Little with ease while Vernon seethes with silent outrage at the bogus intruder.


I’m a kid whose best friend took a gun into his mouth and blew off his hair, whose classmates are dead, who’s being blamed for it all, who just broke his mama’s heart  – and as I drag myself inside under the weight of these slabs of moldy truth, into my dark, brown ole life – another learning flutters down to perch on top.  A learning like a joke, that kicks the last breath from my system.

…’Better Man’ is the tune, by Pearl Jam.  I don’t even know the words to the song, but you can bet I’ll spend the next eighty years in hell making every line fit my situation.

School never teaches you about this mangled human slime, it slays me.  You spend all your time learning the capital of Surinam while these retards carve their initials in your back.

Perhaps I could meet Mr. Pierre in a quaint pub and enjoy a pint (or two).  Somehow I just think I would really enjoy his company.  Of course some insight into his writing methods would be at topic, but this is one cat I’d rather just sit back and take in.

My rating for Vernon God Little is a 9 out of 10.

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Next up, (and already started)… Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago 

Doctor Zhivago


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